Modele de organizare a eLearning-ului

Show simple item record PECA, Ludmila DUMBRĂVEANU, Roza 2022-03-29T08:13:01Z 2022-03-29T08:13:01Z 2021
dc.identifier.citation PECA, Ludmila, DUMBRĂVEANU, Roza. Modele de organizare a eLearning-ului. În: Dezvoltarea personală și integrarea socială a actorilor educaționali : Materialele Conferinței Ştiințifice cu participare internațională, 12 noiembrie 2021. Chișinău : [S. n.], 2021, pp. 288-296. ISBN 978-9975-46-570-0. en_US
dc.identifier.isbn 978-9975-46-570-0
dc.description.abstract We are surrounded by models. Terms like "modeling" or "model" are part of everyday language. Different scientific fields work with different models. This is a rather vague concept, but all models have in common that they are abstractions and that they are developed for a specific purpose, for example, for testing and investigating parts of reality, theories or hypotheses, for communication or for reuse. In eLearning the notion of similar models is quite common. We are in the situation where the development of a new special purpose model often seems to be much easier than reusing, validating or revising existing ones. Elearning models are conceptual explanations that help experts in designing and developing effective learning and training content for eLearning courses and programs. These models are different from general theories of internal learning, because these eLearning samples refer to didactic concepts that support pedagogical practices or to the effective execution and delivery of these practices. There are several eLearning templates, most of which are based on socio-constructivism, it is a sociological theory of knowledge according to which human development is socially situated and knowledge is built through interaction with others. The article provides an overview of the models, existing theories and different approaches to classifying eLearning models. A future trend suggests a new classification of eLearning models. en_US
dc.language.iso ro en_US
dc.publisher Universitatea Pedagogică de Stat "Ion Creangă" en_US
dc.subject eLearning en_US
dc.subject eLearning models en_US
dc.subject Electronically supported learning en_US
dc.subject eLearning systems en_US
dc.subject eLearning strategies en_US
dc.title Modele de organizare a eLearning-ului en_US
dc.type Article en_US

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