Pictura decorativă pe sticlă – mod de valorificare a broderiei tradiționale

Show simple item record ROȘCA – CEBAN, Daniela ARBUZ-SPATARI, Olimpiada 2022-02-08T10:04:19Z 2022-02-08T10:04:19Z 2021
dc.identifier.citation ROȘCA – CEBAN, Daniela, ARBUZ-SPATARI, Olimpiada. Pictura decorativă pe sticlă – mod de valorificare a broderiei tradiționale. In: Probleme ale științelor socioumanistice și modernizării învățământului : Materialele conferinței științifice internaționale cu participare internaţională, 26 martie 2021, Seria 23; Tipogr. UPS "Ion Creangă", Chișinău, 2021, Vol. 1. pp. 290-295. ISBN 978-9975-46-559-5. ISBN 978-9975-46-560-1 (Vol.1). en_US
dc.identifier.isbn 978-9975-46-559-5
dc.identifier.isbn 978-9975-46-560-1
dc.description.abstract The so-called decorative glass painting and glass embroidery is a special type of painting in which the decoration is created from dots. The points are gathered into shapes and lines, as a result, a unique and original composition is created. This technique is comfortable enough to mimic embroidery on both textiles and solid materials. In the course Decorative painting on glass, we decided to capitalize on traditional crafts by treating the specific motifs and structures of traditional embroidery in a unique way, namely by point-to-point technique. At the current stage, students of the Faculty of Fine Arts and Design have the opportunity to listen and actively participate in a course of training and development of creative imagination - decorative painting on glass point to point. In the training process, all the basic types of painting on solid objects are analyzed, discussed and applied. Students are familiar with the ornaments, their construction principles, features, schemes, colors used in murals and point to point. Students will get acquainted with the traditional methods of applying the decor, will build and run their own models. The communication presents a broad description of the respective technique, of the applied ornamentation and the specificity of the creative imagination in the plastic arts. In the content of this work is made a tangent between decorative painting on glass and the development of creative imagination of students-artists, by applying this technique. This research will streamline creative activities in the decorative painting course on glass, as well as being a landmark work for teachers, from this perspective, the work can be useful in the field of art training and aesthetic education of students and all those who want to get to know with that field. en_US
dc.language.iso ro en_US
dc.publisher Universitatea Pedagogică de Stat "Ion Creangă" en_US
dc.subject Creativity en_US
dc.subject Education en_US
dc.subject Decorative painting on glass en_US
dc.subject Traditional embroidery en_US
dc.title Pictura decorativă pe sticlă – mod de valorificare a broderiei tradiționale en_US
dc.title.alternative Decorative painting on glass – how to value traditional embroidery en_US
dc.type Article en_US

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