Frații copiilor cu autism și afectările emoționale ale acestora

Show simple item record CHIRILĂ, Lidia Elena 2020-03-02T12:52:42Z 2020-03-02T12:52:42Z 2018
dc.identifier.citation CHIRILĂ, Lidia Elena. Frații copiilor cu autism și afectările emoționale ale acestora. In: Formarea initiala si continua a psihologilor in domeniul protectiei copilului fata de violenta : Materialele Conferintei stiintifice internationale, 26 octombrie 2018. Chişinău, 2018, pp. 351-356. ISBN 978-9975-134-29-3. en_US
dc.identifier.isbn 978-9975-134-29-3.
dc.description.abstract TSA does not only affect the child, but the whole family as well. This qualitative study explored the impact of TSA on the relationship between parents and their neuropsychiatric children and how neurotic children deal with the impact of having an autistic brother in the family. Using the principles of social relationship theory, 5 families in Romania, consisting of 5 mothers and 5 neurotic children, were interviewed. Both neurotic mothers and children were seen as equal agents in influencing interactions with each, and contributed to maintaining close relationships through different strategies. The findings have shown that having an autistic child in the family imposes certain additional constraints and responsibilities for family members. Despite this, neurotic children have coped well with such constraints. The data highlights the value of considering both agents, mothers and neurotic children, and how it influences the two-way one, while sharing the role of carer for the autistic child in the family. It is highly recommended for practitioners to incorporate elements of the child's capacity when increasing their scope for work in neuropsychiatric psychological interventions. en_US
dc.language.iso ro en_US
dc.publisher Tipogr. "Garomont Studio" en_US
dc.subject autism en_US
dc.subject children en_US
dc.subject parents en_US
dc.subject challenging en_US
dc.subject behaviours en_US
dc.subject qualitative study en_US
dc.title Frații copiilor cu autism și afectările emoționale ale acestora en_US
dc.type Article en_US

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