Poezia lui Ion Hadârcă

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dc.identifier.citation BURLACU, Alexandru. Poezia lui Ion Hadârcă. In: Probleme ale ştiinţelor socioumanistice şi modernizării învăţământului: materialele conf. şt. anuale a profesorilor şi cercetătorilor UPS „Ion Creangă”. Univ. Ped. de Stat „Ion Creangă”; coord. şt. Ig. RACU, col. red. A. VERDEŞ [et al.]: [in vol.]. Chişinău: S. n., 2016 (Tipogr. UPS „Ion Creangă”), vol. 3 (seria 18), p. 33-38. en_US
dc.description.abstract Ion Hadârcă clearly illustrates two ages of poetry: one modernist and another postmodernist. His poetry is the result of native talent, but also the result of a high artistic consciousness, of a handicraft work on the word. The simplicity and naturalness of first volumes not exclude the presence of a refined and improved feeling, highly cultivated in a folklore or bookish spirit. The most recent poems (especially those appeared after the „Ambassador of Atlantis‖ and „Helenice‖) refer to something else, a field that transcends the concrete. The cultural formation and the literary encyclopaedism influenced the poet’s structures of imagination, he became individualized. The artistic instinct reinforced by a reliable intuition gives rise to its aspiration towards the naturalness of speech, of the natural given. The poet is alternately rhapsode, tribune, poeta faber for whom the word represents the reality. The evolution of its system of images is marked by authenticity in the act of „imitating the nature‖ but also by the mannerist creation of the revelation, of the rationalization of a virtual world, where the poet escapes, if isn’t even the creation of an „artificial paradise‖ (Baudelaire); „Abrasarabia‖ or „Saltimbecilia‖ represents the abstracting and the unnaturalness of the concrete realities, which distinguish „the new authenticity‖. en_US
dc.language.iso ro en_US
dc.publisher Universitatea Pedagogică de Stat “Ion Creangă” en_US
dc.subject Ion Hadârcă--poet en_US
dc.subject poezia en_US
dc.title Poezia lui Ion Hadârcă en_US
dc.type Article en_US

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