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  • Pricop, Victor (2014)
    This paper talks about the usage of algebraic methods in the studying of polinomial autonomus differential systems where ) , ( y x Pi m and ) , ( y x Qi m are homogeneous polynomials of degree im in x and .y With the help ...
  • Rusuleac, Tatiana (2014)
    In this article are presented some theoretical aspects concerning the method of the investigation. Based on these theoretical highlights, are, also, described some practical applications of the investigational activities ...
  • Port, Sergiu; Covalschi, Anatolie (2014)
    In this article are applied recurrent formulas for definite and indefinite integration. Recurrent formulas have a quite fruit-ful application in case of under integral functions including enough large powers.
  • Ghilan, Zinaida (2014)
    The paper deals with some aspects of mathematical induction. The principle of mathematical induction is an important means of demonstrating the sentences. It examines a number of examples of math using the principle of ...

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