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  • Neagu, Natalia; Port, Sergiu (2015)
    The derivative of a function of a variable is a measure of the rate at which the value of the function changes with respect to the change of the variable. It is called the derivative of f with respect to . If and are real ...
  • Port, Sergiu; Neagu, Natalia (2014)
    In math classes there are problems of geometric constructions that require untraditional tools. The present article approaches some geometric constructions that can be solved using the untraditional tools.
  • Port, Sergiu; Covalschi, Anatolie (2015)
    String is the fundamental concept of mathematical analysis and calculation of the limit of a series, when it exists, requires most cases, knowledge of the properties of a consistent set of formulas and criteria remarkable ...
  • Port, Sergiu; Covalschi, Anatolie (2014)
    In this article are applied recurrent formulas for definite and indefinite integration. Recurrent formulas have a quite fruit-ful application in case of under integral functions including enough large powers.
  • Trifan, Veronica; Port, Sergiu (2015)
    This Article play the surprising properties of the golden section in nature. Number PHI (1.618 ...) is called the number (area) of gold, because it defines the harmonic proportions of the human body and biological spiral ...

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